Wedding Portraits Project

“The more we see each other, the more we love what we see.” – Edie Windsor

As artists, Felecia Carlise and I used the Wedding Portrait as a frame to contextualize the political, social and emotional issues surrounding marriage. We asked Over 200 couples to participate in our project, Wedding Portraits. These were couples married in 2004 during the first few days same-sex marriages were made legal in San Francisco. We invited them to have formal wedding portrait sessions with us at locations around the city. These images were then commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission to be displayed along Market Street for the first anniversary of the marriages.

2 responses to “Wedding Portraits Project”

  1. Robert Alvarado says:

    Dear Jessica,
    My name is Robert Alvarado and it has been ten years from the day we last saw you. My husband and I (Robert&JR) were featured in the wedding photo project back in 2004. We are happy to say we are still married and live now in Phoenix Arizona. It was an honor and a thrill to be part of The Wedding Photo Project. It seems like yesterday. You are a great artist with a heart of a lion for taking on such a subject matter of gay marriage before it was common place in America. We wish you the best in life. Robert &JR

  2. admin says:

    Hi Robert,

    I didn’t see your comment until recently. I’m still so honored that couples like you collaborated with us. Felecia and I were blessed to meet so many amazing people like you and JR. Its wonderful to see how far we have come in ten years. Who would have thought that today that the states that don’t support marriage equality are now in the minority.

    Take Care,

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