Flux’s New Piece Carousel to be Unveiled

2014-10-07 15.03.16Often when you are deep in the middle of building something you forget to take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments. This is sometimes the case at Flux Foundation. We are so busy building we forget to take a moment to celebrate. In this case I am pausing for a quick moment to celebrate our newest interactive sculpture, Carousel.

Carousel has been commissioned by the Abundance Foundation for Making, Thinking, Understanding, Project Zero Perspectives conference.

2014-10-07 15.06.44-r97At Project Zero Perspectives conferences, educators from all contexts are invited to learn from and alongside Project Zero researchers and practitioners. The Project Zero team includes leading researchers, writers, thinkers and leaders in the field of teaching and learning. Their interests include investigations into the nature of intelligence, understanding, thinking, creativity, ethics and other essential aspects of human learning.

With its over-arching theme of Making, Thinking, Understanding, the conference will invite educators to reflect deeply on ways to create and sustain engaging, enriching and rigorous learning opportunities. In exploring tools, strategies, and frameworks developed at Project Zero, we will take inspiration from the host school’s goal of “developing the head, heart, and hands” of studen2014-10-07 15.04.58-r97ts.

Flux has been in conversation with Harvard’s Project Zero and the Abundance Foundation for a couple of years trying to find a great project to collaborate on, and Carousel is the result.

It is funny how projects happen. In the case of Carousel, the seeds were planted a few years ago when Flux started our project TweetHaus at Park Day School. The Abundance Foundation took notice of this innovative “learning through doing” program, they introduced us to the team from Project Zero. 2014-10-04 15.54.13-1-r97We had some great conversations with Project Zero, but couldn’t figure out exactly what to create together yet. We are like-minded organizations and really wanted to find something to collaborate on. A few years go by and volia, right time and place for collaboration happens. The result is a stunning new interactive sculpture.

We can’t wait to show it!

Many thanks go to a stellar team of creators. Here are they are in no particular order – Thwen, June, Jen, Sterling, Will, PK, Ben, Chris, Katie, Paul, Jonny, Max, Steve, James, Cliff, Dalia, Catie, Jordana, Kip, Elizabeth, Lish, Summer, (I know I am missing people).

Like all of our work it takes a whole lot of amazing Flux artists to make beautiful interactive art!


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