“Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them” — Holstee Manifesto

From percolating idea to concrete reality; a lofty dream to an accomplished goal; I’m an expert at taking that ethereal nothing and manifesting that substantial something. I love taking on the development of exciting yet unformed ideas. Making it happen by creating clear roadmaps to business solutions and successful group collaborations. I’m inspired by many-layered challenges which are solved by developing team-driven solutions where coworkers achieve beyond their own expectations. I approach management with a focus on education and communication. Creating a work environment where all team members are aware of their value and inspired to contribute.

Whether taking on developing a company, design challenges, or creating large-scale sculptural experiences, I bring my unique ability to see and create the bigger picture through collaboration.

My projects have been covered in:
The New York Times, Colbert Report, Wired Magazine, Boing Boing, Make Magazine, Fast Company.

I have spoken at:
SXSW, TED, TEDx, Exploratorium, San Francisco Art Institute, American Association of Museums Conference.

My specialties include:
Project management, Design thinking, Maker culture, Development and management of large-scale installations, Solution-based design, Art theory & criticism, Digital & social media production, Project-based curriculum design, Research, Event planning, Large-scale collaboration, Documentary photography: film & digital.

I have been called a Strategic thinker, Open communicator, Skilled negotiator, Experienced presenter, Excellent planner, Process oriented, Decision driver, Collaborative spirit, Great listener, Execution minded, Savvy, Highly accountable, Impact focused, Globally aware, Agile problem solver, and Bridge Builder.