“Collaboration is Key”

Collaboration and open platforms are fundamental tools necessary to drive global social change. I utilize the power of collaborative practices as a primary focus in my career and think of myself as a radical collaborator in business, art, and life.

This can be seen in my work as a co-founder of All Power Labs, an open-source alternative energy company in Berkeley, and the Flux Foundation, a collaborative arts non-profit in Oakland. In these endeavors, I have aimed to infuse the culture of each organization with a strong foundation of collaboration and a belief that mistakes equal information. With each idea, we experiment, we discover what works and what doesn’t, and we carry those lessons forward, learning from each other all the time. As a result, our ideas grow and begin to shape our world in bigger and better ways because our focus is on process and not on outcome.

Effective and healthy collaborative practices involve gratitude, support, access, vulnerability, experimentation, listening, scaffolding, horizontal leadership and learning, patience, empathy, research, expertise, and fun.