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Temple of Flux
Collaboration: Flux Foundation
Photo: Galen Stolee
Collaboration: Rebecca Anders and Jess Hobbs
Photo: Neil Girling
Serpent Mother
Flaming Lotus Girls
Photo: Heather Gallagher
Wedding Portraits Project
Collaboration: Jessica Hobbs and Felecia Carlise

“Collaboration is Key”

One of the primary focuses of my work is artistic collaboration.  This formally began with collaborative performance work at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where I earned my undergraduate degree and continued on with my Masters work at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Current  collaborative project with Rebecca Anders and Peter Kimelman Temple of Flux was commissioned for this years Burning Man Arts Festival.  Other collaborative projects such as, Wedding Portraits with Felecia Carlisle have received support from the San Francisco Arts Commission.  Currently I am the Creative Director of the Shipyard Labs – a facility, information resource and gathering of people engaged in art and creative power hacking; a place to experiment with power generation and conversion as an idiom and medium of art.  I am also an active member of the Flaming Lotus Girls.